Asking a question on stack exchange sites became an exercise in frustration.

A reasonable question closed 2 minutes after asking. I don't really know how to make the question more "focused"

Fucking soup nazis

It's funny how the Occupy Wall Street and We are the 99% crowd over the last 10 years dramatically shifted conservative

Strongly considering
LOT=$(if [ $RANDOM -lt 16383 ]; then echo True; else echo False; fi)

If you use the , do not forget to regularly download your archive. If they suspend you, which nowadays happens often and with no reason or explanation, this "download archive" functionality becomes disabled

One of these days I will be able to correctly type the word "necessary" on the first try

Gold production is 3K tonnes/year with 200K tonnes already mined, meaning the gold supply increases by ~1.5%/year.

This is surprisingly similar to Bitcoin production of ~300K BTC/year with 18M BTC already mined, also close to 1.5%/year growth

TIL stocks were a safe (even overperforming) asset during German hyperinflation of 1920s

If you run your own instance of , check your "about" page and make sure it does not expose your (possibly sensitive) email address

Modern investigative journalism ends where their political bias begins.

Reminds me of a story from Russia when in an investigation of a high profile political assassination the police said there's nothing they could do after nobody opened them the door at the main suspect's house.

Excerpt from APnews "fact checking" story in Nov 2020

WTF, now wants me to give them my phone number (to "confirm" that I am not a bot). I had the account since 2009 and my usage patterns are *very* distinct from a bot. What triggered it was probably me changing the account name to something in Russian. I guess I am off to Walmart to get a $10 burner phone

Great lecture from the late Vladimir Bukovsky, one of the most famous Russian dissidents on the rise of rule of minority in the West, given in 2009 in Sophia any plans to implement multiple types of "favorites" (e.g, simple like, funny, informational, or even custom themes), so that a user can filter favorites list by type

Each bitcoin transaction currently costs about $70 in electricity, assuming the price of 10 cents/kWh. Miners awards heavily subsidize that cost. But after all coins are mined, this number (adjusted for inflation) will become the lower bound for the cost of a single TX

Now might be a good time to invest into those channels

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